Half term~

It’s half term!

On Sunday, my parents came back from 4 days in Berlin!  (★^O^★)

They went for Valentines day/my mum’s birthday. I stayed at my auntie’s house which was really fun~

Today I went to Chloe’s (@NotChoChang) house!  I woke up at like 11am to find this.

It was terrifying tbh when I see caps I automatically freak out tbh. And Chloe is crazy sassy.

I GOT A 3DS OMG. GUYS. A 3DS.   ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I got an A in my English which is why my mum was cool enough to get me one (─‿‿─) I can’t wait for Pokemon X and Y! I’m playing Pokemon Pearl again atm and I’m nearly onto my second gym badge!

We played Mario games all day, and Tetris which I now now I suck at.

It’s the most beautiful thing ever ok. My mum and everyone was like get an XL and now I kinda regret it, but this looks a lot like the DS lite I used to have so I’m happy. #yolo

These pictures are from my 3DS which is why I can’t be bothered to take a picture of the actual thing.

(Devices with this level of beauty don’t lie)



Hello World!

Hello Everyone!  (*≧▽≦)


(This is a picture of me from Christmas because I look a mess right now tbh)

I’m Maya!

I like Idols and stuff but this isn’t a post about idols. (?adgkafafr4reals?)

I’ve started a new blog because I don’t like blogger very much anymore. idk

Anyway, on to my life! ~

These are some people I hope feature on this blog a lot in the future =) My other cousin (and mum too), but I have a feeling she wouldn’t like me putting a picture of her up without her permission.

My Grandma is the most prefect human you will ever meet (●♡∀♡) She is so beautiful and I love her so much! This picture of her is from when I put her in a beret and told her to pose. I have a lot of pictures of her in a beret haha.

The second person is my cousin Mimi! (´ ▽`).。o♡ She’s so cool and just awesome. She and her sister are my favourite cousins~

The Third person is my Japanese teacher Ima (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ She’s really fun and a good teacher! I got her to do ‘Yurushite nyan!’ as seen in the photo, but right now she’s in Japan. She’ll be back in a month though which is good~ She promised she’s buy me Idol stuff =D

These are some pictures I took recently. I told myself I was going to get a new blog a few days ago so I took some random pictures yesterday to make things easier.

Actually,the lemon was done in my Japanese lesson for fun(*≧艸≦ ) We did a love confession scene from an anime with it, it was so funny. Confessing your love to a lemon can be more fun than you imagine haha.

That’s some of my manga. I haven’t bought any manga this year =o

I want this to be a weekly thing so, see you in 7 days!