First day back!

So, today was my first day back at school!


It felt really weird to see all of my friends again since I only saw a few in the holidays. From here on out it’s exams exams exams ;_; Science worries me the most since I don’t think I can get As in them…


(Here’s an awkward selfie which I used a ‘dream’ effect on lol.)

Anyways, I got a package today! Only 2 left =) I don’t usually blog when I buy things, so maybe I should now. Or at least try too a little more often o(≧▽≦)o Image

I got a Random Issue of UTB with Mayu on the cover, a Harajuku kawaii magazine thingie with Momoclo and Kyary, and Juice=Juice’s first indie single ;D (I didn’t Photograph J=J’s single because it’s on my shelf and I can’t be bothered to get up ಥ_ಥ)


These are my favourite shots from the UTB! There are also some nice ones of Yuihan, Sengoku Minami, and Mayu (Maachun).

I didn’t get Kikka’s card ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

Recently, I’ve been keeping a diary. Not a diary like this, but a physical diary. It’s nice to be able to write down my opinion on things, but at the same time, if anyone ever found my diary it would be really awkward even if there’s nothing personal in it. It just makes me sound really whiny and critical of everything haha.( ´∀`)I guess I am, but some things are better off not said and it’s best that no one ever reads this diary. 

(LOL I just made it sound so sinister. No but srsly if you read it without knowing any of the people you’d laugh)