I bought Chips after school today. You have no idea how yummy they were omg 


Ima came back from Japan o/ I’m really happy that I can have lessons again!


My kanji really sucks ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ She realizes this, and bought me a kanji book for 5-6 year olds (laffin). The main problem is the stroke orders  -`д´-. I really like the little stickers and whiteboard though. It’s useful. =)


 Look what Ima bought me o/

I was so happy with the AKB48 and Kyary paper rests (?) if that’s what you call them. You lean on them while you write (LIKE I WOULD dO THAT IT’S AN IDOLS FACE) but no one here uses them. Ohwell. Double sided is a win for me.

She also bought the the 6th Momusu clips collection thingie.

Ima makes me laugh a lot, because in 2011, I used to talk about Aichan ALL THE TIME, so she picked the only thing in the shop that had Aichan and not a CD like I asked  (≧∇≦). It’s the thought that counts, and isn’t this thing like 3000 yen? I didn’t think she would spend that much LOL.

I had a math test today, and really nothing else interesting has happened besides that I got silver in this maths challenge thingie and the highest in my year group =D It was pretty cool.



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