Hyde Park ~

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So Today I went to Hyde Park with some friends (Aysha, Chloe, Emma etc) because it was bank holiday monday ノ´∀`)



I didn’t take any pictures LOL. This is from Chloe’s Instagram. ♥

It was SO hot. (; ̄Д ̄) I wore a Jumper that shows my tummy. Wrong move, I should have worn a T-shirt or something because I was burning! (,,#゚Д゚)

There were Swans and flies everywhere! Plus we had to take the train which I really hate. (ノД`)・゜・。

When I wasn’t screaming at swans and pigeons I was really enjoying my self. Yay!


Hello! Project Board Game 2013 Version

This is so fabulous! I must have it on my blog ^^


I don’t know if you remember the old days of my blog but I once made a H!P board game. Well with all the changes since then I thought it was time for an updated all-new version so here it is. Enjoy!



And there you have it. I hope you got success! Let me know. ^^

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First day back!

So, today was my first day back at school!


It felt really weird to see all of my friends again since I only saw a few in the holidays. From here on out it’s exams exams exams ;_; Science worries me the most since I don’t think I can get As in them…


(Here’s an awkward selfie which I used a ‘dream’ effect on lol.)

Anyways, I got a package today! Only 2 left =) I don’t usually blog when I buy things, so maybe I should now. Or at least try too a little more often o(≧▽≦)o Image

I got a Random Issue of UTB with Mayu on the cover, a Harajuku kawaii magazine thingie with Momoclo and Kyary, and Juice=Juice’s first indie single ;D (I didn’t Photograph J=J’s single because it’s on my shelf and I can’t be bothered to get up ಥ_ಥ)


These are my favourite shots from the UTB! There are also some nice ones of Yuihan, Sengoku Minami, and Mayu (Maachun).

I didn’t get Kikka’s card ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

Recently, I’ve been keeping a diary. Not a diary like this, but a physical diary. It’s nice to be able to write down my opinion on things, but at the same time, if anyone ever found my diary it would be really awkward even if there’s nothing personal in it. It just makes me sound really whiny and critical of everything haha.( ´∀`)I guess I am, but some things are better off not said and it’s best that no one ever reads this diary. 

(LOL I just made it sound so sinister. No but srsly if you read it without knowing any of the people you’d laugh)


H!P Idol Ranking~

I have an Idol ranking on this blog as you may have noticed, but I found the H!P Ranker thingie and I really want to see what my true H!P Ranking is!

# 1 Mitsui Aika 90p
# 2 Ikuta Erina 87p
# 3 Michishige Sayumi 84p
# 4 Tanaka Reina 81p
# 5 Fukumura Mizuki 78p
# 6 Hagiwara Mai 75p
# 7 Mano Erina 72p
# 8 Suzuki Airi 69p
# 9 Nakajima Saki 66p
# 10 Natsuyaki Miyabi 63p
# 11 Iikubo Haruna 60p
# 12 Fukuda Kanon 57p
# 13 Sayashi Riho 54p
# 14 Nakanishi Kana 51p
# 15 Takeuchi Akari 48p
# 16 Satou Masaki 45p
# 17 Katsuta Rina 42p
# 18 Tsugunaga Momoko 39p
# 19 Kudou Haruka 36p
# 20 Shimizu Saki 33p
# 21 Ishida Ayumi 30p
# 22 Oda Sakura 27p
# 23 Kumai Yurina 24p
# 24 Yajima Mami 21p
# 25 Sudo Maasa 18p
# 26 Suzuki Kanon 15p
# 27 Sugaya Risako 12p
# 28 Okai Chisato 9p
# 29 Wada Ayaka 6p
# 30 Tokunaga Chinami 3p
# 31 Tamura Meimi 0

Wow. This is really surprising. The top 6 are quite accurate I guess.

I had no idea I ranked Airi, Mano, Riho or Masaki that high! I’m quite sure that Nakky and Airi should be the other way around 100% because I double clicked on one and I didn’t see what it was.

Kanana, Takechan and Rinapuu in the top 20?

Ayumi has gone doooooooooooooooown. I literally have no idea why, I still like her I guess. Captain too! I really love Captain…maybe I just like others more now.

Reina and Sayu was the hardest part ><

1-10 > Love a lot!

11-17 > Love!

11-22 > Like!

23-24 > I kind of don’t care

25-27 > I like but I don’t spend much time on.

28-31 > Who are you even? (With the exception of Chinami who fits into the previous category…Chinami is hilarious and qt)


I bought Chips after school today. You have no idea how yummy they were omg 


Ima came back from Japan o/ I’m really happy that I can have lessons again!


My kanji really sucks ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ She realizes this, and bought me a kanji book for 5-6 year olds (laffin). The main problem is the stroke orders  -`д´-. I really like the little stickers and whiteboard though. It’s useful. =)


 Look what Ima bought me o/

I was so happy with the AKB48 and Kyary paper rests (?) if that’s what you call them. You lean on them while you write (LIKE I WOULD dO THAT IT’S AN IDOLS FACE) but no one here uses them. Ohwell. Double sided is a win for me.

She also bought the the 6th Momusu clips collection thingie.

Ima makes me laugh a lot, because in 2011, I used to talk about Aichan ALL THE TIME, so she picked the only thing in the shop that had Aichan and not a CD like I asked  (≧∇≦). It’s the thought that counts, and isn’t this thing like 3000 yen? I didn’t think she would spend that much LOL.

I had a math test today, and really nothing else interesting has happened besides that I got silver in this maths challenge thingie and the highest in my year group =D It was pretty cool.



Nothing interesting has really happened lately, so for this weeks blog post I’m going to talk 100% about Idols.

~Idols are great~


In 6 years of being into Idols, there have been days/weeks where you don’t feel like listening to them and just doing other things, but I think it really is quite hard to stop being an idol fan, especially after you’ve started buying merchandise lol.  Even if you did stop supporting them, surely you’d keep following them to see how they were doing wouldn’t you?

The way idols agencies work are generally just interesting and although they could be like Koharu and only see being an Idol as a stepping stone for a future career, I find it hard to not think of them as role models.

~Favourite Idols/ Idol groups~


A lot of people change their favorite Idol groups now and again, but I’ve found it really hard to. Morning Musume are just everything to me, and seeing some of the current Momusu (Ayumi, Haruna, Mizuki and Sayu) and Kikka was just amazing.

Hello project as a whole has interested me less recently but I still buy some C-ute, Berryz and S/mileage singles when they’re really good =DI still get the same feeling of excitement when opening new packages no matter what Idol group/Artist it is, and I assure you it’s one of the best feelings. o/ I believe that everyone deserves something to make them happy, and even if it’s materialistic things that do such as Idols merch, it’s fine to take pleasure in it no matter what o/ The idols are the reason why Idols Merch is so interesting any way haha.

~Venturing out of H!P~


I have been a H!P fan since Buono! tied in with Shugo Chara in 2007, which makes me a H!P fan for around 5-6 years.  (○o○) It wasn’t until 2010 that I discovered Momoiro clover, and I am so, so glad that I did. They were really the first non H!P Idol group that I liked.They really are top idols.

Momoclo, AKB, SKE, SNSD etc… and just love them all. Venturing out of H!P was one of the best idol related decision I ever made, not for my parents wallets lmao, but for me! I still consider myself a H!P fan first and foremost because of Momusu and the first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘idol’ is ‘Morning Musume’.

~The fandom itself~


Anti fans are really irritating, but they can be easily ignored. Well they could be, but some confessions on tumblr really are just horrible. I love the idea of expressing your opinion, but if you’re too much of a pussy to say it with your name/username there then don’t say it at all. At one point I was anti AKB, but I was very open about it. (‘hebirote is terrible they’re all sluts!!11’ etc.. I also have disliked Airi, Risako, Sayu, Koharu, Acchan and Reina at some point or another).

I don’t like Miyamoto Karin, Okai Chisato or Tamura Meimi  very much but you’re free to love them if you want.

I like Mitsui Aika, but you don’t have to like her! (tbh with her popularity what are the odds that you do rofl)

The point is, there’s an idol for everyone!

~Hopes for the future~


Juice=Juice are great! I have high hopes for them and just ordered their first indies single

Honestly, I have high hopes for any new idols groups debuting soon because every idols has something new to bring to their fans!

I also hope that an Idol group will come to the UK or Europe (No france we don’t mean you) sometime soon =)


Hey ho~


。・゜・Bonsoir ・゜・。

It’s been really summery and warm today~ 

I got a B in my Chemistry, Physics and maths tests ((´д`)) it makes me really unhappy because I tried really hard and all of my closest friends got A*s in the Physics and As in the rest >_<


– Someone in my school got kicked out for hitting a teacher…no comment

– Momusu’s new single sounds like it’s gonna be amazing, the one of the dance shots looks fab! It’s about to get 1M views!


H!P just keep being fab o/

No news really ;_; 

Umineko is getting fucking awesome okay ep 3 is drama.